Sunday, January 11, 2009

SPOTTED: new couple alert!

who: recently-met-contemplating-uhaul*-lesbian couple

what: two lesbians in their late 20s, neither of whom rated higher than a 7 on the proverbial "gayometer." together, they were in the awkwardly-still-kinda-pretending-to-be-cooler-nicer-and-smarter-than-you-really-are stage. the pair were out on a post-coital quest for food, both still thinking of and agonizing over their misguided drunken fumbling and self-perceived sexual inadequacies from the night before, while still trying to look cute and impress each other with an impressive knowledge of french rococo furniture. 

when: sunday jan 11, 2009, 12:03pm

where: EAT cafe, north hollywood, ca

how: awkward couple was encountered on the way out the door. they had arrived, bleary-eyed, and spoke quietly in the corner while they waited for a table. my brother (a resident of san francisco and therefore a self-proclaimed expert on all-things-gay) immediately asked me if i thought they were lesbians. i admired his quick eye and affirmed his suspicions. 

notes: although i wish this young couple nothing but the best, i don't have high hopes for their future, as one of the lovebirds was considerably more attractive than the other. 

*for those not of the lesbian persuasion, i present the lesbian term of the day. to u-haul refers to the lesbian tendency to fall obsessively in love and move in with each other, usually within a matter of weeks (if that).

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