Tuesday, January 6, 2009

SPOTTED: post office lesbo

who: liz, a USPS employee

what: a large lady-lover in her 50s, with short, gray curly hair and a smile as wide as the grand canyon. she's rather dashing in her postal service uniform, and a collection of keys jangle as she walks. she's rather brusque and no-nonsense, but seems unlikely to "go postal" anytime soon.

when: tuesday jan 6, 2:14pm

where: USPS periodical mailing department, van nuys

how: i encounter the subject once a month on a work errand, and typically, our time spent together is brief. on occasion, we chat amicably, but liz's devotion to her job and her country prevent her from dilly-dallying too much.

notes: liz is an unconfirmed lesbian, but i have noticed that she carries herself with a certain uber gay je ne sais quoi. perhaps it's her apparent disinterest in her handsome male coworkers, although i am forced to concede to the possibility that she's a faithfully (hetero) married woman. ah, liz, will i ever know the truth? there's always next month...

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